During the pandemic, we have been so fortunate to benefit from so many generous people and groups. And most of them support us despite the pandemic! One of those groups who we rely on time and time again is the Fairfield Rotary Club. The Club stepped up in BIG ways during the pandemic, and we are deeply appreciative.

Initially, it secured a grant from the Rotary District, of which it is a part, to purchase groceries for a local food bank. The Club selected the Operation Hope’s Food Pantry to be the beneficiary of that grant, which resulted in the delivery of $525 worth of groceries that the Pantry indicated were especially needed. Soon afterwards, the Club’s Board of Directors voted to donate an additional $2,000 to Operation Hope for groceries to be distributed through the Pantry. That donation was made through groceries purchased by Rotarians and delivered to the Pantry and through an additional $975 in Stop & Shop gift cards delivered to Operation Hope. Finally, Rotarians have been purchasing gift cards for Operation Hope since the pandemic began and, to date, have donated over $4,000 in cards to Stop & Shop and ShopRite. The donations to Operation Hope from the Fairfield Rotary Club and its members during the five months since the pandemic began surpass $7,000.

The number of individuals and families who rely on us for food and services has increased tremendously since March, and through these donations from the Club, we have been able to barely keep pace with the need. Thank you to the Fairfield Rotary Club and its members. With friends like you, we are equipped help our neighbors in need when they are at their most vulnerable.