Recently, we had some young chefs gather to make some delicious freezer-ready meals for our neighbors in need. The chefs, along with their moms Jamie Braden and Katie Holley, were Emma (12), Ava (11), Elodie, Hailey and Alexandra (9), and Abigail (7). The girls made 6 trays of pasta and meatballs as a baked casserole and 3 trays of mac and cheese loaded with hidden veggies. These take and bake meals are some of the pantry items our clients most appreciate. After a long day, it’s so convenient to pull from the freezer and bake when needed to offer their families a nutritious and filling meal. We’ve also used these take and bake meals in our Community Kitchen to feed our guests when we’re in need of last minute meals. They really are a blessing!

According to the moms, the girls were so excited to be in the kitchen cooking meals for others! We love that the girls took their own initiative to help those in need, as this was just a group of friends gathering to see how they can make a difference, it was not associated with any organization. Thank you, girls! You are shining lights in our community.

We happily welcome anyone who’d like to make a meal or two for us to stash in the Pantry and Community Kitchen freezers. Contact us here for details.