Wow! This is so exciting! Thanks to our friend Nick’s recent install of solar, we will hit our $25,000 goal with community partner Trinity Solar at the end of July! 🙌
It’s a win-win-win! Every install 1) helps the homeowner save money; 2) promotes renewable energy sources ♻️💡; and 3) every install raises $1,000 for our neighbors in need 🙏
Our deepest gratitude goes to Lori Scala and Anthony Venditto aka Mr. Sunshine, both from Trinity Solar, for always going above and beyond to make this community partnership a success ☀️
Let’s keep going! Sign up to speak with a Trinity Solar rep here to see if solar works for you! We receive $100 for every consult and $1,000 for every install. This is a wonderful way to help maintain and improve our affordable housing units 🏡