In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Food Pantry procedures have changed in order to keep our staff, clients and volunteers healthy and safe. We thank you for your patience as we adjust our procedures to focus on minimizing community exposure and flattening the curve of disease spread.

1. Staff must wear masks and gloves.

2. Pantry patrons will drive up and enter through the Beach Road Entrance and drive up to the first table nearest Beach Road.

3. Staff will ask the patron to provide you their full name, family size and driver’s license or other ID. Staff will hand them a clipboard.

4. Patron will place their ID clipped to the clipboard and pass back to staff to maintain social distancing.

5. Staff will take a picture of their driver’s license for data entry purposes later.

6. Staff will return the driver’s license to the patron, and provide them with a number that relates to their family size (example 2,4,6 – odd numbers bump up one).

7. Both will be clipped to the clipboard and passed back to the patron, clipped to the clipboard.

8. The patron will drive up to the next table, get out of their car, place the clipboard and the number on the table, and pick up the bags that the staff or volunteer indicate are theirs.

9. The clipboards and numbers must be wiped down/sterilized after each patron.

10. If someone comes through the line who is not a Fairfield resident, they will be asked to park in one of the open spaces. A volunteer will be asked to bring an emergency pack up to their car. Let the volunteer know what size the family is.