We extend our deepest appreciation to Paul Ruscito of Ruscito Resolutions, wife Natalie and daughter Ava for running another successful holiday tree pick up service this holiday season. Paul’s initiative, Paul’s Trees, aimed to help people dispose of their holiday trees for compost and mulch, while also collecting items for Operation Hope’s Food Pantry. For every tree picked up, Paul donated $5 to Operation Hope. This initiative is a four-way big win! It supports a small business, empowers people to declutter post-holiday, cares for the environment and helps our neighbors in need. Thank you to Paul, Natalie, Ava and everyone who requested a tree pick up and contributed pantry items and/or cash donations. Ruscito Resolutions donated $1,370 (last year was $1,020, which was double Paul’s goal of $500!) and an entire truckload of donated pantry items. We are grateful for everyone’s generosity! 

Paul has been a big supporter of Operation Hope since high school, when he was the President of the Operation Hope Club. He has donated to Operation Hope over the years in many generous and creative ways. Ruscito Resolutions takes the job off your hands – for odd jobs, handyman work, dump runs and more, call/text Paul at (203) 767-1582 or email at [email protected]. Follow Ruscito Resolutions on Facebook and Instagram for details and updates. Thank you, Paul, we are grateful for you!