Local volunteer Erin Biggins’ family and friends wanted to celebrate her 50th birthday in a meaningful way that reflected her sense of kindness, giving and community. They organized a surprise birthday party, where breakfast items and cash donations of $5,000 were collected in honor of Erin to benefit Operation Hope.

From Megan Pritchard, one Erin’s close friends and organizers of the party,” Erin has done the Sherman School Thanksgiving drive with me since the beginning. She is always helping people in any and all ways that she can. She’s literally given the shirt off her back to help a person, and that’s not an exaggeration. Her family and I decided to throw a surprise 50th party for her and I knew that she would be so touched if her birthday, as well as being so fun, also gave back to the community.”
We are deeply grateful to Erin and Megan for all they do for Operation Hope through Sherman School, and to Erin’s family and friends for turning a very special occasion into an opportunity to give and help our neighbors in need. This is yet another example of friends in our community reaching out to help in incredible ways that are so easy, so simplistic, so strong, and make such an impact when they seem like such a minor thing.
Thank you, Erin, and we wish you the happiest new decade and another wonderful turn around the sun! 🥳