Fairfield CraftSocial, a recently launched, woman-owned DIY crafting company, is making a splash in Fairfield and the surrounding area. Combining crafting and socializing, co-owners and creative partners, Karen Basset and Caryn Mirgorodsky, teach a variety of activities to small groups in their home or business. Activities include charcuterie bouquets, centerpieces, faerie houses, coastal trees and more.
In February, Fairfield CraftSocial held a truffle making class to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the newest hot spot in town, Elicit Brewing in Fairfield. Karen and Caryn generously donated $100 of the proceeds to benefit Operation Hope. Many thanks to Fairfield CraftSocial’s Karen and Caryn, the truffle making class attendees, Elicit Brewing Fairfield and ConnectFairfield‘s Debbi O’Keefe for including us in your outreach efforts! Follow Fairfield CraftSocial on Instagram here and stay up date on upcoming events!