Our Amazon Food Pantry Wish List makes it quick and easy for you to help feed and care for our neighbors in need AND maintain social distancing! Click here to shop and send. And if our choices are out of stock or won’t come in for another month, feel free to choose other brands or similar items. Our gratitude to these recent generous donors: Mark McDermott, Suzanne Olsen, Lisa Rousseau, Jennifer Tomasulo, Kelly Downey, Meagan Berkowitz, Karen Lynch, Kevin, Jennifer, Michael & Thomas Holtz, Mark McCall, Genevieve Swenson, Lisa Zucaro, Heather Kirkpatrick, Kristine George, Sandy Farber, Deborah Keeley, Rebecca Shea, Lauren Winston, Lisa Dixon, Andrea Shantz, Patricia Strain, Sue O’Donovan, Paula Healey, The Moore Family, Lauren Bobrow, Tai S. Pimputkar, Ryan Zelle and anonymous friends. Keep them coming, food and personal care items are flying off our shelves for us to pack into bags for our clients to pick up curbside. In just a few minutes, click, donate and help someone in need at bit.ly/oh-amazon-pantry-wish-list. Thank you from the bottom of our heart!