Give Hope this Winter Season!

Ending hunger and homelessness can seem just too hard a problem to solve. Here at Operation Hope we are providing people the opportunity to experience transformative change through targeted programs and services that offer people a second chance, a helpful hand, food, housing and so much more. 

We offer hope.

Our Food Pantry provides groceries and other basic staples to people in our community who are finding it hard to make ends meet. Staff and volunteers distribute groceries (including fresh produce), toiletries, pet food, and more as available. The pantry provides relief for these struggling households and helps them keep on top of other household expenses.

Our Community Kitchen ensures that anyone who is hungry in our community can find a home-cooked meal, a warm welcome, and the company of others. It also gives scores of volunteers the opportunity to prepare or serve meals, providing both nutrition and compassion to our guests. 

Our Homeless Response Team is often the first point of contact for someone who needs help to get back on track. They meet people where they are, listen to their stories, and help them contemplate change. They are the connection to shelter, housing, recovery and stability. 

Our Housing Programs provide formerly homeless people they opportunity to experience a safe and affordable place to call home. Case managers help them achieve self-identified goals, connect them to resources, and offer counseling to help them with challenges that may arise. These individuals and families can finally envision a more sustainable future  

This year we helped 1,750 households navigate through these difficult times, providing over 175,000 meals, housing nearly 300 individuals and families, and so much more. With your help we can continue to serve our neighbors in need.

Together we will end hunger and homelessness, one person at a time.