We recognize that it can be a challenge to decide which worthy organization you’d like to support at this time of year. What we can tell you is that when you invest in Operation Hope you are investing in our vision – that everyone deserves supportive relationships, hope for the future and a place to call home.

We believe that housing is a fundamental right and the only real solution to homelessness. We believe that access to food that includes healthy choices is the key to ending hunger and improving health outcomes. We believe you care about these things, too.

What is the return on your investment?

The Homeless Response Center is filling a gap in services!
Our outreach team has been meeting people who are on the streets and helping to get them connected to our system. Our diversion team has been providing assessment, solutions and resources to those experiencing homelessness who are referred after contacting 2-1-1. Through steady and consistent relationship building, these teams diverted over 500 people from homelessness.

Housing programs with real results!
For people experiencing homelessness, we provide rapid rehousing services to help them get back on their feet quickly. For those with more complex needs, our now 70 units of safe, affordable housing (complete with case management) help individuals and families experience housing stability. We housed over 200 additional households through these efforts this year.

No one needs to go to bed hungry in our community!
We serve lunch and dinner to our hungry neighbors five days a week and holidays, while our food pantry provides groceries and other basic household staples to nearly 800 local households struggling to make ends meet. Local volunteers help make this possible.

Our work is making a difference for those we serve. But we can’t do it without you. Will you consider a donation to ensure that we can continue to help those who need us the most – your neighbors in need?

Please click here to donate online. Thank you.

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