Wow! We are blown away by the generosity of the residents of Fairfield and Southport! We have the stats from last week’s annual Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive! 📫 Drumroll, please 🥁…the letter carriers collected 27,555 pounds, or 13.78 tons, of non perishable donations! Collections in 2022 and 2023 each had about 5.5 tons so this year is more than double the past two years! Consider the males of the largest of all land animals, the African elephant, average between 2 and 7 tons. That’s almost 2 elephants of donations! 🐘🐘
The drive was an enormous success, thanks to Mike Capodicci, one of Fairfield’s letter carriers, who organized everything for this year’s drive 🙌 And thanks to all the letter carriers who participated! The letter carriers who chose to participate in the drive all volunteered to do this…as they do every year. Thank you for spending a large part of your Saturday to help feed and care for our neighbors in need! 🙏
Mike’s suggestion of getting the bright yellow, hard-to-miss bags this year played a huge part in the drive’s success. Mike reallocated the money usually used to purchase t-shirts for the letter carriers and the money he raised from the 3 sponsors – Fairfield Motoworks, Pizza Mediterranean and Trumbull BMX – to purchase the bags. Mike worked so hard to make the drive a success….we are grateful for his helping hands and enthusiasm. Everyone was excited to see the bags of donations pouring into the post office parking lot! 🤩
Thanks to Fairfield First Selectman Bill Gerber, who stopped by to issue a proclamation and help load a few bags. We are grateful to the many wonderful volunteers who pitched in to unload and load bags of donations all day long. And finally, we are indebted to the Fairfield and Southport residents who left donations out over the weekend for their letter carriers. It’s takes a village to care for those most in need in our community and we all did that together last Saturday 🥰
Mark your calendar for the next annual Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive on May 10, 2025! 📅